Welcome to Lettergrade

Managing print and digital publishing projects since 1998

Welcome! I'm Denise Williams, a project manager, WordPress developer, and digital communications consultant working in Montreal.

I'm a hands-on project director with a diverse background. I began coding and leading content development for online magazines in the late 1990s. I moved into production managing print for a few years in the middle, mainly leading advertising production for newspapers or managing teams and client services for corporate brand magazines.

I have gotten to direct exciting projects of all kinds. They've mostly fallen into the following categories:

  • digital branding and online content strategy
  • Wordpress theme development
  • project management and implementation, team building
  • analytics and reporting (GA and Omniture)
  • iPad Newsstand magazine research and development

Great news: I'm currently working full-time with Automattic on WordPress.com and the Jetpack plugin.
Sad news: I'm not available for new projects at this time.

Contact: lettergrade@gmail.com